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Hwang Kyo-ahn's test bed, whether to become a conservative leader or stop being a pro-Park leader.

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Former Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn will officially join the Liberty Korea Party this week. He joined the party, the experience managing state affairs and other local conservative based on the next runner Park Geun-hye, but is expected that the regime to be upstaged and face the same fate.The pro-Park group's (首長) role will the head in that bakan assessment not less. Attention is focusing on how he will collect internal and external opinions that are clearly divided by his participation in the party. 

Hwang ranked first among conservative presidential candidates in various opinion polls from mid-year to early-year. Some argue that the approval rating is meaningless since the presidential election is still about 38 months away, but Hwang is definitely a notable candidate given the conservative opposition's next leader, who is weaker than the ruling party's overwhelming number of presidential candidates. In addition, the party's assessment that he will join the party is not bad because he can revitalize the party ahead of the convention next month. Even Rep. Kim Jin-tae, a pro-Park lawmaker who is preparing to run for the party leadership, welcomed Hwang's joining the Korean party on his Facebook page on Wednesday. 

Hwang is currently supported by the pro-Park faction, a majority in the party. It is a factor in his approval rating, and that is why he is both out of the ordinary and tough. Ironically, however, being tied to the pro-Park faction itself can be a weakness. Concerns are raised that if he, who served as acting president of the presidential office in the face of the impeachment, returns to the political front, the opposition camp will be responsible for the impeachment, and the ruling camp will be able to justify its move to clean up the red ink. Rep. Shim Jae-chul of the same party openly asked Hwang, "Didn't you think that the impeachment frame would put a strain on the right's efforts to revive society?" 

There are also many voices pointing out the limitation of scalability that is essential for the reconstruction of the nation. Hwang, former Prime Minister a core figure from Park Geun-hye in a former prosecutor who had security of the conservative party leader can lead up to presidential election of the pay absorbed by jungdocheung.It is a question?. Hong Hyung-sik, director of Han Gil-ri Research, said, "Although it may be the best card for the collection of pay, we are skeptical about whether it can be an option for innovation in pay and regime change."

Despite these weaknesses, 스포츠토토not a few party insiders believe that the current party, which is suffering from a lack of popularity and stability, is needed. Rep. Choo Kyung-ho of the Korean Party, who had worked with former Prime Minister Hwang as the head of the Office for Government Policy Coordination, said on the day, "It is difficult for a public official to experience state affairs after serving as acting acting president." "The key to the future is how to embrace and capture the voices of the splinter conservatives, whether they became Taegukgi or pro-Park members," said Cho Hae-jin, a non-Park lawmaker.

"I am personally concerned because I am the first politician to walk," Hwang said on his Facebook page. "I hope that lawmakers of the ruling Uri Party, friends of numerous party members, and the public will join us and help us," he said.

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